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Impact on Performance – The Psychological Transformation

The psychological transformation through mental skills training and its impact on your performance can hit you like a thunderbolt, and that’s not an exaggeration!

The psychological transformation is actually a gradual process, and its full effect will be evident in a few weeks or at best a couple of months.

Let’s look at just a few areas of your game where you will start seeing quick results”

  • With the guidelines on goal setting available to you, you now know where you are headed and what you have to do to get there
  • You are now aware of what motivates you and with this motivation the enthusiasm to play to potential dramatically increases.
  • Your stress reduces and you are a lot more relaxed before a game as you apply one of the many techniques outlined in this book.
  • You become assertive in your attitude to competition and the fear of failure dims with your new assertiveness.
  • Positive self-talk boosts your confidence.
  • You learn to overcome distractions.
  • You learn to drive out negative thoughts.
  • Visualization increases your pregame rehearsal and your self-image and self-esteem improve as you start winning.
  • Your understanding of what focus entails improves and you are able to apply it to your game.
  • You begin to think like a champ, and this does a whole lot of good to your approach. Your performance takes precedence. Winning is still important, but a “high quality performance” is what you will probably go after and train for; this is single-minded dedication.

These are just a few ways in which your mental processes are transformed to positively impact your performance.

Goal-directed transformation:

To get the best out of mental skills training, you have to first know what you want from it:

  • I want to be more assertive.
  • I want to let go of my ego and get into learning mode.
  • I need to work on my motivation levels.
  • I want to be more consistent in my performance.
  • I want to fight pre-match anxiety.

Any training program works much better if it is goal directed.

Reaching the ideal state:

When you go through a transformation, you sometimes reach an “ideal performance state:” This is a mental state where all aspects of your mental skills training come together, and you deliver a superior performance. This may not happen in every match, but it is the endeavor of every grappler and combat athlete to get into this ideal state, and mental preparation is the vehicle that can take you there.

Ideal Performance State – The Zone/Flow II

The ideal performance state is referred to as the zone or flow in sports parlance. The zone or flow is the pinnacle of sporting achievement, when an athlete plays in an effortless manner and yet delivers a top quality faultless performance. Those who have been in that state, call it a magical state where performance is exceptional, spontaneous, automatic, and flowing. An athlete is able to concentrate completely and does not feel any pressure. He or she is sure of his game and technique and goes about executing with precision and timing. The body and mind work in tandem and perform like a well-oiled machine; the only thing is that the grappler is anything but a machine. In the zone, grapplers or combat athletes are cool, collected, and extremely shrewd in their moves and tactics, not machine-like.

Flow, control, effortless moves and countermoves, complete confidence-the match moves smoothly in your favor almost throughout from start to finish.

How do you get into the zone? Three key factors make this happen:

  • The body and mind work in perfect synchronization because your mental preparedness matches your level of physical readiness for the encounter. Subconsciously, you perceive this combination of preparedness to be more than equal to the challenge at hand.
  • Your thought processes are positive throughout – before the event, during the match, and also when locked in a tough situation.
  • The challenge in mental skills training is to be able to apply the techniques. A true test of learning is in being able to apply. Only when you can apply will you be able to truly transform yourself mentally to deliver a better game.

The mental framework of a person in the zone:

  • Not preoccupied with winning – the mind is focused on playing a perfect game and tackling the opponent in the best way possible
  • Assertive attitude toward the opponent – not confrontational or intimidating
  • Proactive approach – initiates the moves
  • Ego is under check – no showing off

Finer aspects of being in the flow:

The experience of being the zone during a match can be a wonderful one, and its magic can be felt by you from the start to the finish of the encounter.

  • Distractions no longer affect you – your mind is conditioned to take it in stride
  • You pay complete attention to your opponent’s tactics
  • Your alertness is at peak levels
  • You have negativity under control – positive and relevant thoughts fill your mind
  • Your behavior is not forced on or put on – you are completely natural in your confidence and assertiveness. Your confidence comes through in the manner in which you execute your moves-precisely, accurately, authoritatively.
  • You feel energized and activated, but at the same time you are extremely composed and cool
  • Memory retrieval and recall is smooth and does not let you down
  • You feel like you are in complete control- you are able to “make things happen” – everything that you planned works out smoothly.
  • You feel a sense of power
  • You truly enjoy the game and may even feel a little sorry when it is over. You have the mental energy to go on.
  • You feel a sense of satisfaction at a match well played at the end of the game.

To achieve success, your mind and your body have to work in tandem and your mind has to be free of any negativity. A grappler or combat athlete can achieve peak performances on a more consistent basis by reaching the zone or flow through regular mental preparation and complete focus.

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Lloyd Irvin is a martial arts coach. He holds the rank of 7th degree black belt in Thai Jitsu, 2nd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 1st degree black belt in judo. In 2002 he was named The United States Judo Federation International Coach of the year. Lloyd’s coaching experience includes having taught Secret Service, FBI & SWAT. Read more on:

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If you expect to walk away out of the ring without getting hit you are either the round girl waving a big placard in between rounds or your nickname is “Pretty Boy.” But even the undefeated Mayweather receives a lot of punches when he fights and you as a round girl is out of the question.

The fact is, when you wear boxing gloves, step into the ring and face your opponent, once the bell rings, you cannot escape getting hit. Even if you have the greatest defense, you are only kidding yourself if you believe that you can defend every punch.

You are going to get hit in the face, on the sides and every inch of your upper body that is visible to your opponent. Yes, that’s just the way it is; but if you are planning to become a decent boxer, they you have to prepare for the incoming punches. It will be tough at first. “Learn the hard way,” they say. But it can be done.

There are 3 major things to remember when dealing with the punches: Keep your eyes open, move as much as you can, never flinch.

1.) In baseball, a study was made to prove that a 95mph fastball is faster than a blink of an eye. And it does! From the pitcher’s mound to the home plate (the distance of 60 feet) a ball can travel faster than a blink of an eye. The point is, if a fastball can travel that fast from that distance, how much more will a boxer’s punch from a distance of just 2 feet? Well, you can argue several points here but it is clear that if you can’t blink when hitting a baseball, you definitely can’t close when you are about to get hit by a punch.

Never, in any circumstance, should you close your eyes and turn your back from your opponent. If you want to avoid the onslaught, open your eyes. Obviously, this will allow you to see what’s going on, where the punch is coming from and where it will most likely land (if it will land).

Keep your guards up. Do not think that by just closing your eyes, your opponent will get tired and stop. That’s not going to happen. Remember: you cannot fight back if you have no idea what’s going on.

2.) In boxing, there is one dominant rule among all other rules: if you are not punching, you are moving. No more, no less. So unless you plan to be a sitting duck throughout the fight, punch, move, punch again, and move again. When you get hit, and that’s not an “if you get hit” kind of thing, never stick your head or the part of your body where it got punched in the first place.

Move! Step, dance, duck, weave or do something that your opponent cannot guess what your next stunt is going to be. If he throws a jab, do not whip back and then come straight towards him.

3.) Never Flinch. This may be a natural reaction to something that is coming right at you, but you have to control it. If you flinch, you are only making yourself more vulnerable to your opponent. The best trick to avoid this is to remember number one, get used to things coming at you, and keep your defenses up.

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The key objective of training with the heavy bag is to effectively and quickly land quality punches.  The bag is big and heavy in order to develop punching power.  Proper technique is not just going to town on the bag until you can’t feel your arms.  You get a lot more power if you use proper leverage.

Punching Bag Leverage:

Use your whole body to really move the bag.  You can’t effectively hurt an opponent by swinging and not putting your body into it.  You won’t land very effective punches and you will probably get winded very quickly.  To generate a lot of power, you should try to effectively channel your body weight into your punch.

Lets look at throwing a right punch (cross).  As the right hand is thrown, strive to pivot with your right foot, which will bring your right hip into towards the opponent while your left foot catches your weight after the pivot.  This will channel your weight towards your opponent and put a lot of power behind your punch.

The Heavy Bag Pop:

If you have ever watched a good fighter train with a punching bag, you’ll hear a popping sound every time they hit the bag.  This is because he is properly transferring his weight, pivoting off his back leg to bring his hip in, and channeling all his body power into the punch.  If the bag makes a softer sound, chances are weight is being transferred wrong.

It might be fun to just face the heavy bag directly and just take out all your angers and frustrations but turning in with your body will reduce the energy required for your arms and instead shift that energy to your back and legs, and you will be able to last longer.  Have fun, train hard, and get as much as you can out of your punching bag.

Dave Toub is the owner of Punching Bags Pro and absolutely loves the sport. 

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Mixed martial arts have become the salvation for those who desire to lose weight, learn self-defense and have fun. The early form of mixed martial arts was spotted in Greece in 648 BC. It was from the word pankration, pan meaning ALL and kratos, meaning POWER.

During the time of the Spartans, the only rules of the game are: no biting and no eye gougling. Nevertheless, the game would usually end in the competitor being knocked unconscious or dead. The sport became the most popular sport in the Olympic Games and across the Hellenic World.

Nowadays, though less barbaric; mixed martial arts competition is still widely held all over the world. Questions on its legality have arisen in the past but debates are still heard until the present times. In the US alone, mixed martial arts still holds a portion of the population as indicated by several martial arts schools surviving the changes in the economy.

In addition to the original pankration of Greece, soft versions of the mixed martial arts designed for self defense and exercise has become popular over the years. Many martial arts schools offer this course in their curriculum. Judging from the time that mma was first introduced, it cannot be denied the fact that revisions have been made over time. The original form of the craft could still be there though yet it has been mixed beyond recognition by several additions. Thus, it is necessary to be educated in a martial arts school that provides the most complete and reliable martial arts knowledge.

Mixed martial arts training in Oswego offer the most complete martial arts program in the area. It does not only serve as an excellent training facility for aspiring martial artists but also provides clean fun as a form of exercise.

With such a small but compact city, mma schools may not be that popular but around Oswego it is. More and more people are beginning to realize the importance of mixed martial arts in their lives. Also, this recognition may be attributed to a successful marketing strategy. Whichever is the case, mma classes in Oswego reaches more and more ears every day.

For those who come to attend mma classes in Oswego, they can be categorized in two way: those who want to pursue mma fighting challenges and those who simply want to unwind and learn the art of self-defense. It is okay to be paranoid because it makes us prepared for the inevitable. What is not okay is being paranoid and not doing anything about it. That is primarily what the mma trainings in Oswego stand for.

As a bonus, the instructors in the Oswego dojo are experts in mixed martial arts and know exactly how it feels like to be alive. They have undergone the same difficulties every beginner had which put them in exactly the same page as the rest of us.

Mma classes in Oswego really help define your shape and your lifestyle. It is more than just martial arts, it’s about feeling alive. – Dion Riccardo’s Victory Martial Arts Academy has been providing martial arts instruction and lessons. mma classes Napperville, mma schools Woodridge

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Getting the help of a reputable brand strategy company can be the first step to make everyone know that your brand exists and is making a difference all over the world. Most people known for setting up for themselves business empires agree that there is no short cut to success in business, no magic formula, no hidden tricks. Everything goes through a process. This process can be over a long period of time. This can be something you are not trained to do.

Fortunately, nothing can be impossible nowadays. With the money that has been entrusted to your care, you can hire others in order to do the things you cannot do such as making a name for your brand and positioning it in the place where it can be noticed and gain people’s patronage. Admit it, there are things which you are not equipped to handle, something that you are not inclined to do. No matter how brilliant your discovery might be, if you don’t know how to convey the message to people, they won’t get the benefits.

A brand strategy company that has gone through many years of experience and success in the field can do the necessary task in your behalf. Their team of experts can help you get relief from the headaches of striving to be at the top while you focus on other areas of your business such administration of rules and policies in order to ensure product quality and excellence of service.

What are the responsibilities of a brand strategy company? What can you expect them to do after you hire their service? Well, a company known for creating strategic brands will be in charged of a lot of things with your success as the main objective. First is helping you out with defining your brand. Experts as they are, they will guide you into realizing what kind of brand you want to be known about. They will shed light on the types of products or services you offer and the benefits people can get out of it.

Second, a strategy expert firm of your choice will help you evaluate the reasons why you need to create a brand for yourself, whether it be to get more attention from people, to be recognized, or for whatever purpose it may serve you, it is good to have a clearer view so that you will know where your business is heading to.

And finally, the firm you hire will be responsible in pointing out to you who your prospect clients really are. They will help you decide on who will be your target audience based on the products and services you offer. It is only then that you can intentionally market your brand to the right prospects without wasting time on not potential buyers.

Stop complicating things. Hire the most trusted brand strategy company now and get the assurance that your business will be safe even in the midst of severe brand competitions. – We are obsessive about creating brands that evoke powerful emotional connections with customers. Graphic Design Melbourne

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