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Part 1 – The Early Years

Mr Hutchinson was trained in the traditional and combat methods and on beginning teaching began to introduce innovations into our foundation styles that form the NMAA. Mr Tomlinson and Mr Campbell rose to senior instructor status within the Academy by being the test subjects within the club during this highly innovative period. Without them and those early students who trained with us the Academy would not exist.

This process was begun as a result of Mr Hutchison’s early training years in Combat and Judo. The instructor was a Korean veteran in the Armed Forces and the garage club had a basic set of disciplines, however through his contacts, visitors would always add additional input, teaching the tricks of the trade. Some showed the art of throwing or the art of choking, the art of striking with hands and feet others taught the are of locking, bending, and twisting the joints, all were highly specialized as this was the custom where they had learnt their arts. Although happy to teach they had no interest in learning from each other or combining their tricks as the “Sarge” was doing….to read more, and find out the clubs history, then….Click Here To Read The Full Article

This is the first article in a series on the history of NMAA (Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy) keep an eye out for the additional articles coming soon..

Anything is possible through N.M.A.A!

Look out for Part 2…Coming Soon!

Authorized by NMAA, Kwan Jang Nim – Geoff Hutchison, March 2010

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New Contact Added To Resource Page – Vitaflex Pty Ltd

As part of the ongoing program to provide members with great opportunities through other members, we are proud to announce that we have added a new contact on the resources page, i.e.:
Vitaflex Pty Ltd – Owner: Mr Tim Simovich;
Address: 161B East Boundary Road, East Bentleigh, Vic. 3168
Phone: 03 9563 7696
Products: Power Tools, Hardware and much more for the professional and handy man or woman.

By supporting our clubs wider community we will become a more robust and successful Academy.

Thank you to all members for your continued support.

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