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Ring in the new year with a BANG! Elbow to the head. BANG! Takedown into kamura. BANG! Muah Thai Clinch. Because on January 1st, 2011, iiiiiitttt’s TIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMEEEEEE!!! That’s right, UFC 125 is on new year’s day, and it’s a barn burner. FIGHHHTTTTING out of the blue corner will be the champ, lil Franky Edgar, proving that his wins were no fluke (in case BJ’s crying convinced you otherwise) against a formidable foe, Gray Maynard. Maynard’s beaten Edgar before, but Edgar proved his eggs were far from scrambled against Penn, so it’s anyone’s game. Plus, see Thiago Silva, Chris Leben and Clay Guida in head to head combat, LIVE! from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you can’t be there live then watch it on Pay Per View. If you can’t watch it on TV or just don’t want to pay the high price, then watch ufc 125 online.

The main event of UFC 125 will be incredible. We’ll see Frankie Edgar vs the bully, Gray Maynard. Maynard is 11-0 in the UFC and is expected by many to win this fight. He is a favorite in Vegas. If there is anything we know about Frankie Edgar it’s that we could never count him out. First he beat BJ Penn for the title, then he beat him again. He will be facing Gray Maynard who has already beaten him and who looks more and more impressive with every fight. This will be an exciting fight when we see the speed and quickness of Edgar face the strength and wrestling of Maynard.

In the co main event of the night we will see The Crippler Chris Leben fight Brian Stann. This might very well be the most exciting fight of the night. Both of these fighters are incredible strikers. Stann pretty much only has his striking so it should be interesting to see how Chris Leben decides to go with the fight. If it is anything like his last fights we should expect alot of punches or a TKO.

Another High profile fight that will be taking place is Brandon Vera and Thiago Silva. Both of these fighters are skilled strikers and it makes a good matchup. It will be interesting to see how Vera fights after his convincing loss to Jon Jones. Thiago Silva is always impressive and can beat almost anyone he fights. This one will be exciting.

The new year will start off the right way on January 1st as the UFC brings us an action packed crowd.

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This one will be amazing and if you can’t watch this event on TV then you should watch UFC 125 online because it seems that every fight on the card will be exciting. See it live on Jan 1st 2011, and be a part of the action!
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Okay, I put this drill together a bunch of years ago, and it has proven to be the best Martial Arts Body Conditioning System ever. Oddly, I’ve seen bits and pieces of it in various arts, some esoteric Kung Fu styles, Capoeira, that sort of thing, but nobody has ever put the whole thing together. Too bad, it really is quick to do with some long lasting effects.

First, draw a box on the ground. Then place your hands and feet on the box. You should be in a spread out sort of push up position.

Now, switch your right foot and your left hand. Over or under, I don’t care, I just want you to twist your body so it is facing in a new direction. You should end up looking towards the sky.

Now, continue the motion begun in the previous move. Don’t go back, keep going, do a dozen moves before you reverse the motion. And, when you have worked that to a frothy pitch, go to the start position and swap the left foot and the right hand.

Doing this is going to work your shoulders in a wide range, and it is going to build your core muscles like nobodies business. Now, to accelerate the exercise, add kicks. Front or back, somebody pushes you, and you can fall to the ground and do some low level kicking that’ll knock the peaches right out of their trees.

Now, to full work this drill, and to avoid injury by trying to catch yourself if you are pushed to the ground, do shoulder rolls into the box. That’s what I call this spread out push up posture, ‘The Box.’ And I call the whole thing the ‘Monkey in the Box.’

So somebody attacks you from the rear, and you roll and are suddenly thrusting a kicking back towards his shortcomings. He is going to be one shaken up thug. He was pouncing, stuffing his wallet in his mind, and suddenly he is going to find himself grabbing what goes for his manhood and hurting.

There is more to this drill than I have described here, of course, and the real fun comes when you start playing with it and ‘open the box’ to find all the goodies. Kicks, projections, some rolling takedowns that are extremely nasty, and so on. Mind you, I don’t always advocate going to the ground, but if you find yourself there, or if you just want the Best Martial Arts Body Conditioning System on the planet, the Monkey in the Box is gig for you.


I’ve written an article with some pics on this exercise. You can find it in the article section at Monster Martial Arts if you Head over on Monkey in a Box.
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The samurai is often considered the best warrior in the world, and his weapon of choice was the Katana. On the other hand we have old Chinese gentlemen, who wave their delicate Jian, which isn’t much more than an overgrown knitting needle. Interestingly, the contest between the two, young samurai and Chinese noble, comes down to their choice of weapon.

To begin, we should specify that the duel is one on one, not on the battlefield. To be honest, the Samurai sword has weight and can take the bashing that a battlefield inflicts. But, we are talking about a strict weapons comparison, one to one.

A sword has three potentials: cutting, stabbing and using the handle. Either sword handle can be used, so we must concentrate on stick or slice. Thus, the question is going to resolve down to the violent bash, or the gentle thrust.

A samurai sword is better suited to slicing, to bashing, and to the large movements which take advantage of weight and the long curve of blade. It can be used to stick, but the whole body must be used to project the weight, and that makes it slightly unwieldy. The working part of the Jian, on the other hand, is the last inch of the blade, and it can only be used as a long distance scalpel, or a sticker.

The key to the contest is going to be in forging better angles. Angulation is when you shift to the side and take a tactical superiority. The lighter you are, which means the less weight you have to move about, the more effective you will be when it comes to taking the superior angle.

Thus, the Katana sweeps forward in a large circle, and the Chinese straight sword takes a slight side side and sticks in. The timing must be exquisite, for the straight Chinese blade is not built to take a bashing attack. Timing up to snuff, a quick flick of the tip of the blade across the throat, or perhaps a stick into the armpit, and the fight is over.

Now, the real crux here is center versus circumference. This is to say that the ancient Chinese gentleman must achieve the central position, watch the arc, and strike from the center of the circle. Simply, watch the opponent, don’t be fooled by motion or emotion, and concentrate on the part of the body closest to the center of the body.

Isn’t it interesting that it always comes down to physics, analyzing the angles, and just watching how things work? The Samurai Katana versus the Chinese Jian, two ancient blades which illustrate this subject of physics. It would be an interesting contest, would it not?

Analyzing the physics so that you can have the best martial arts in the world. Head on over to Monster Martial Arts.
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Just as the now officially recognized sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu originated from Japan, from the Gracie brothers, after a large immigrant population of Japanese arrived in Brazil, the Gi worn for the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu originated from the Japanese Kimono.


A kimono is a traditional article of clothing worn by Japanese, by both men and women. The Kimono is a T shaped garment, which is designed to be wrapped around the body, with loose sleeves and legs. The Bjj Kimono is a version taken from this very traditional Japanese article, as is the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu founded from the ancient Japanese art of Judo.


How the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimono differs from the Kimono worn for Judo is in the sleeving and legs. As well as being a two piece garment, the Kimono is still a T shape when laid out flat, with lapels at either side of the upper part.


As Brazilian Jiu Jitsu concentrates heavily on ground work and grappling techniques, the legs, cuffs and sleeving of theBJJ Kimonosare significantly tighter than that of the traditional Kimono used for Judo.


The weave of the cloth also differs from that of the Japanese Kimono used fro Judo, as it must be tough, as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a sport that essentially concentrates on ground techniques, grappling, holds and chokes, a material that is soft and does not impede movement being necessary. The cuffs and ankles are much tighter on the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimono than on that of a traditional Judo Kimono, as open legged garments could proof dangerous, is not fatal when practicing the art of floor grappling, the opponent possibly trapping his leg inside the leg of that of his opponent.


To the untrained eye, when we think of martial arts such ads karate, Judo, Taekwondo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, all Kimonos or Gis will look incredibly similar. But when we take a close look at the weaves and the weight of the garment, we can see significances, in the case of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimono, especially in the detail of the cuffs and collar, the Kimono being based on the T shape of the traditional Japanese garment, but with many differences such as in the weight and durability of the fabric used, the Jiu Jitsu kimono or Gi being available in single and double weaves.


The origins of the Bjj Kimono and the care of are very interesting, as the traditional kimonos were actually unstitched each time they were required for washing. This still applies today to some Japanese Kimonos that are used only for special occasions such as family celebrations or weddings. When we talk about a Kimono in sport terminology, we need to look for a Kimono that is in an easy to wash and dry fabric, most people who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on a serious level owning at least two Kimonos or Gis, allowing one to be washed whilst the other is being worn.

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Like in the purchase of any garment, clothing, be it for sports wear, casual, or every day wear, we can choose to spend a little or a lot, and each an everyone of us has our own personal preferences as to styles and colors.


When buying a Jiu Jitsu Gi, unlike its’ counterparts of Karate and Judo, they are available in a wide range of colors and styles. However, only two of these colors are officially recognized, those being blue and white. So you must remember that if you want to fight at competition level, you must purchase your Bjj Giin one of these two regulation colors.


It is advisable to ask your local Jiu Jitsu club or trainer for advice when purchasing the garment, as they have the necessary knowledge, many clubs supplying a standard Jiu Jitsu Gi, all club members being required to wear the same Bjj Gi. This is practical, especially when we talk about children who take up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They may wish to join an after school club, full of enthusiasm, that then may dwindle, so spending a large amount of money on a Bjj Kimono is not practical. Children also grow very rapidly, so it is pointless spending large amounts of money on a Gi, only to spend more money the next year and the next.


When we are buying a Jiu Jitsu Gifor an adult, or for competition standards, for an already dedicated individual, then we can look to buy one that we especially like, and one that is practical for the purpose. Depending on the climate of where we live, we can purchase a single or double weave Gi. Single weaves are a lot more comfortable, but as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu involved a lot of floor grappling, a weak cloth can rip or tear easily. A double weave Gi is more resistant, but impedes movement, so the choice is really your own, both types of weave having advantages and disadvantages.


Looking on the Internet, you will come across many web sites that specialize in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wear, that can advise you, as well as on line purchasing of your Gi. Here we can see just how extensive the range of Jiu Jitsu Gis is, but we must remember that if we wish to use our Gi in competition level, that it must pass regulatory standards.


When buying our Jiu Jitsu Gi, these are the key things we must take into consideration. The purpose of buying Bjj Kimonos needs to be considered. Is it for professional use, competitions and combat, or for occasional use, or for a child in an after school club. Buy whichever Jiu Jitsu Kimono you feel most comfortable with, and the one that fits within your budget. If you practice Jiu Jitsu on a regular basis, it is of course advisable to own more than one Bjj Gi, so that we always have one clean, and ready for our next practice session, there being nothing worse than wearing a Bjj Gi that is unwashed, and  not presentable.

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