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Fight For The Troops 2 seemed in complete disarray, the card didn’t disappoint when the lights went down and action got underway, with knockout action throughout the night and a couple of memorable upsets that made the event one to remember. With the Super Bowl betting just a week away, here is a quick look at what went down:

UFC Results Melvin Guillard via TKO over Evan Dunham

It seemed as though Evan Dunham would not be stopped at UFC: Fight For The Troops 2, especially after his original opponent Kenny Florian was forced off the card due to injury. UFC President Dana White found a replacement for Florian in Melvin Guillard, who he elevated from the preliminary card to the main event, and it seemed at the time as though it was a major mismatch. Dunham was coming off his first career loss, a defeat at the hands of Sean Sherk that went the distance and earned Fight of the Night honors, and he would be trying to bounce back against an opponent that had struggled against the top fighters in the division. That wasn’t the case however as Guillard put him under right away, burying him with a fury of strikes to score a TKO UFC Picks victory just 2:58 in to the first round, and earning Knockout of the Night honors.

UFC Results Matt Mitrione via TKO over Tim Hague

After clinching three straight wins to open his career, the pressure was on Matt “Meathead” Mitrione to continue his run against one of the established fighters in the Heavyweight division. Mitrione had already scored two of his first three victories via knockout, but provided an even more impressive performance with a first round TKO win over Tim Hague. The match lasted just a second longer than the main sports betting bonus event would, the second of three straight first round knockouts.

UFC Results Mark Hominick via TKO over George Roop

That streak got underway in the third fight on the main card, a battle between Mark Hominick and George Roop that lasted just a minute and 28 seconds. White had told Hominick that if he scored the decision at UFC: Fight For The Troops 2 he would be elevated to No. 1 contender status for the UFC Featherweight championship. Hominick wasted little time dropping Roop, and will now face Jose Aldo for the title.

UFC Results Pat Barry via Unanimous Decision over Joey Beltran

Barry bounced back from a tough loss to Mirko Cro Cop by earning the decision over Beltran in a fight scored 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 in the first of two heavyweight bouts on the main card. Beltran has now dropped consecutive pay per head bouts to Mitrione and Barry.

Cole Miller via Unanimous Decision over Matt Wiman

The night got underway with the first of back-to-back victories that were clinched via unanimous decision, as Miller tagged Wiman in a fight scored 29-28, 30-27, 30-27. This fight was originally supposed to take place at UFC 125, but was moved in a sports betting effort by White to fill the card.

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Bunkai, or application of technique, assists in understanding the movements once they have been learned. Kaisetsu, or learning the principles behind the movements, may then be drilled, so as to assist in learning how to adapt and apply kata. As such, there should not be any one prescribed method for teaching bunkai. As such, drilling the following bunkai is not meant to be ‘the only way’, but instead meant to help gain a basic understanding of “kaisetsu”.

Kihon Kata Shodan
Basic awareness, stances, defenses, attack angles, economy of motion, & focus. High Blocks 2 & 3 may be used as strikes.

Kihon Kata Nidan
This kata builds on the previous one by drilling kick-punch combinations.

Kihon Kata Sandan
It teaches power generation through hip twisting and body torque as well as momentum.

Pinan Shodan
This kata helps movements become stable, efficient, and intimidating. The first technique, ‘c block’, sets up for a redirection. Even the sword hand blocks can become attacks.

Pinan Nidan
This kata instructs further on timing, distance management, and counter-attacking quickly.

Pinan Sandan
This kata teaches a continuous guard. It also helps become body shifting, consistency of stances, and redirection of attack. The middle & low blocks in the beginning may be termed ‘continuous block’, which may be interpreted in many ways. The turn after the spearhand strike, and follow-up with the outward tetsui, is twisting out of the opponent’s grappling of your arm, and countering.

The use of the elbows in naihanchi dachi may be either strikes or strong blocks. This may be interpreted in many ways in close quarters. The last moves of the kata may be seen as elbowing to both the back and front, breaking rear grapples with an elbow to each opponent’s abdomen and a hook to the face, or a powerful hook or elbow to an opponent in front.

Pinan Yodan
Stepping into a back stance as you double block disrupts the opponent’s movement, as you simultaneously block and counter. Blocking behind you immediately after the initial blocks cuts a sneak attack short. The low block, front snap kick, and elbow combination will block, stumble, and knock out an opponent. The sequence after the second elbow assists in learning how to follow through with attacks, and helps practice economy of motion.

The cross-block that begins the second half of the kata counters a grab attempt. Pulling the hand back as you kick may be interpreted as trapping the opponent’s arm under yours, and pulling him/her into a kick to the groin.

Pinan Godan
The high cross block sets up for an arm lock, tetsui, and finishing punch. The jump ends with a strike to a fallen opponent. The palm strikes followed by pulling motions represent attacking the groin and causing severe trauma to it.

The Pinan kata help understand Kushanku, as there are many similarities. The slow motions are used for breathing and focus, but may often be used as blocks and/or attacks. Practice consistency in stances, torque, and momentum in this kata.

In the second half, the sequence that ends with a punch to the ground represents blocking a kick, throwing the opponent, and knocking him/her out. The next sequence blocks and throws an opponent, then jumps over him/her to kick another, and follows through with a finishing strike. The last sequence is a takedown with a knockout blow.

Naihanchi develops lower body strength. It also teaches one to settle all one’s strength in the abdomen/center and draw from it. The methods employed in Naihanchi are best applied and interpreted in a narrow space.

Bassai builds a stronger, more efficient defense. The first two middle blocks may be seen as a kick counter and takedown; the backfists near the end may also be used this way by performing scooping blocks to set up for the attacks. The crescent kick redirects an attack, so as to set up for the elbow strike. After the elbow is 3 sets of double strikes to counter a rear grapple attempt.

Wanshu, like Bassai, is technical and efficient, but is of a more aggressive nature. It is also a study in timing and follow-through. Stepping into side stance as you set up for a low block may be seen as body shifting to dodge an attack, as you move in to punch the opponent. The jump represents stomping on a downed opponent while preparing to block an attack from another.

Jion is very direct, yet powerful, stable, and technical. Its use of stances will greatly assist your footwork. Remember, the physical side of fighting is done from the ground up.

The first technique may be considered as a striking block, and its uses are numerous. Compare this to Pinan Sandan. The low block and middle block in back stance sequence sets up for a pulling block and punch counter. Performing low block in back stance, then a supported backfist in jigotsu dachi may represent blocking a low punch, then sweeping a kick.

As an Okinawan kata, Seipai uses a small structure to reinforce mobility. Due to the Crane influence, Seipai is a study in entering and parrying. The first combination blocks and pulls a low attack, then knocks the attacker down. The rolling motion of the arms after the turn, low block, middle block, and mawashi uke combination represents a damaging arm lock. In a variation of Seipai, juji uke is performed just before the sweep. The last two strikes of the kata knock the opponent down, then out.

Gojushiho Sho
This kata is a study in close quarters techniques. The first sequence is a double wrist block, and counter attack. The sequences after the elbow strike represent a kick counter, nukite, and grapple counter. The last sequence represents blocking an attack to the midsection, blocking a grapple attempt, then counter attacking to the collar bones.

Annan contains many practical, efficient counter attack methods. It is also useful in practicing breathing and focus. Raising the knee and striking with the finger may represent blocking a kick, then hitting the vital point below the ear. Stepping into horse stance, extending the hands, and clinching them into fists will jam the opponent, and grab him/her to gain control for the side kick. The ‘ox jaw’ wrist blocks near the end block a middle punch, then knock the shoulder out of joint.

Shu Shi no Kon / Shuji no Kon
The bo (staff) is known for its versatility, speed, power, and adaptability, and ease of use. Shu Shi no Kan is a great example of this, as well as an excellent training aid. Once learned and understood staff skills may be applied to makeshift weapons.

The usage of both ends of the staff allows a great degree of control. This also enables may long range (yet deceptively fast) block-and-counter techniques. The use of centrifugal force also adds to the power. We must remember, however, to treat the staff as an extension of our existing karate techniques – and practice accordingly.

Seishan is direct yet graceful. The primary stances used are seishan dachi, tate seishan, and shikodachi. The footwork and a number of the techniques utilize forward whipping movement for speed and impact. The open handed blocks near the beginning may counter grappling as well as strikes. These blocks may also be seen as double spear hands. Also, in the second half of the kata, what appears to be a shortened high block may be used as a wrist block, and the jammed front snap kick becomes a knee kick.

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What do you know about the story of taekwondo? If you ever had the chance to hear “the story” odds are you know this much: taekwondo is an ancient form of martial arts originating from Korea. Actually contrary to popular belief that is not the true story, but don’t worry the truth is exciting in its own way. The truth is that general Choi Hong-Hi, the person who actually coined the name Tae Kwan Do also provided the first references to the myth according to which 1500 year old dynasties and hwarang warriors where the originating point of the martial art.

The rest of the story focuses around Korean CIA agent Kim Un-yong who was endowed with the mission of promoting the myth by building the now famous Kukkiwon and thus uniting the nine martial arts gyms also known as kwans. There are a lot of shady aspects of what followed but the point is the Kukkiwon was built in the image of Korean traditional culture and WTF ( World Taekwondo Federation) was formed as an “appropriate” alternative to Choi’s Canadian based ITF (International Taekwondo Federation).

We should be honest about the entire issue and recognize that Taekwondo is not an ancient art. There is nothing shameful in acknowledging the truth, especially that it doesn’t change in any way the awesomeness of taekwondo. The problem though is that the false information continues to circulate in cultures, online, and passed from one person to the next. Therefore it is very hard to get people to realize that they have been given information that is inaccurate all this time.

Taekwondo was created in the 1950s, it was not the brain-child of one person and thus no single person no matter his status or fame, can actually take credit for the taekwondo phenomenon. It was a group effort and there are many people who should be congratulated for making it all possible. Even though it isn’t an ancient art form, it is very similar to many of them out there. This is because of the formatting for it and the type of physical and mental discipline that a person needs to have while taking part in it.

Now even though the part regarding ancient warriors isn’t true that doesn’t mean that there is nothing special about taekwondo that can be used to promote the sport. Taekwondo’s sparring and kicking techniques are totally unique and we should focus on them with promotion. These techniques are actually the things that make the sport so great and not the stories, myths and other “improvements”.

Learning the basics of Taekwondo can help a person to feel balanced, to get stronger, and even to lose weight and to get fit. Many people refer to it as the modern martial art due to the fact that it isn’t very old at all. However, it does have a rich history that will likely ensure it is hear to stay. Even though the background for it isn’t what is often portrayed it is still a very interesting and exciting sport to be involved with.

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In a family, it is a must to spend some time with each other, least a chasm can grow amidst them. Every now and then parents must check on their kids and kids must also connect with their parents. This way, the bond that ties them will remain strong and pure. Otherwise, a family will easily fall apart.

One of the common ways in which this will be achieved is to seek an activity which all the members of the family will get interested. Take martial arts for example. Family martial arts have been a common trend nowadays. Parents and children alike would love to see their picture hanged in their abode with white kimono and displaying those graceful moves. Or, if they have achieved a higher level of it, they also proudly display their belts.

But family martial arts is not only about the pride that you will get. In fact, before this can happen, several benefits will be experienced by every member of the family. For instance, when it comes to health advantages, martial arts can give so much more. Why not? With all those rigorous training and exercises, the body can be developed fully. It will not only shed off those fats and trim your body down but it also increases lung capacity. In addition, it allows your body reflexes to be enhanced so you can be free from strains when climbing stairs and doing common chores. Martial art is indeed a form of cardiovascular workout which a family can do even  without the use of machines.

Family martial arts also arms the members with at least even basic knowledge of how to defend oneself. The best remedy that people can do in this times where crime rates are rising is to be vigilant and prepared. Simple accidents like theft and bullying can already be prevented when you know how to ward off those bad elements. Even the school grounds where we thought our kids are safe can be a den of bullies. Kids who are not strong enough to fight using their strength can resort to techniques taught in martial arts.

Furthermore, martial arts also help in character formation. This is especially true when you come under professional instructors and teachers. The value of discipline and respect on the first place are the core values taught by the different areas of martial arts. So if parents have a hard time inculcating these types of values, then consider it done with martial arts. Patience and controlling of emotions are also additional characters that can be learned within the martial arts school premises.

Lastly, as already mentioned, family can use martial arts as a common tie between the members. They can sweat together and talk about the lessons that they learned in their school. Parents and children find something alike which they can enjoy with utmost gusto. Thus, adults and children members can share and then bond at the same time. Is it not more fun than playing video games and shopping? Think about it and maybe then you can decide to enrol your family on the next martial arts opening.

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