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Self Defence

Self Protection Is For Everybody!
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Students are taught basic kicks and punches and we have numerous drills to hone the skills.
Elbows and knees, pokes, pinches and get out of holds are also taught. Ladies and men’s self defence classes are taught separate to kids classes.

This is a high activity class so a towel and a drink bottle are necessary.
A lot of fun, getting fit and learning street applicable self defence is the goals we try to achieve.
Open to all ages from teenagers to grandmothers.

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BH: 03 9579 2709; M: 0418 885 122 or by Email:

Location and Times

Nutaofit Martial Arts Academyis located in Melbourne, Australia:
710 CENTRE ROAD, EAST BENTLEIGH, 3165; Melways 77,J1
Classes are held on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of the week from 7pm…

to meet the wants and needs of all students. Short course self defence modules are
occasionally run on a Wednesday nights. Enquire as to when the next one is starting.
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