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Fun And Fitness For Everybody!
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The ideal martial art for all ages. TaeKwonDo offers co-ordination and confidence for children, gets teenagers in to an activity and helps the flexibility and fitness of adults. As the premier arts in the world today, students learn how to defend them selves in any situation, learn both hand and foot co-ordination and see at an early stage the benefits of the stretching exercises and kicking drills. The kids love the spinning kicks and parents are always amazed at how easily they pick them up. It certainly assists in their learning skills which will be seen in the class room and on the sporting field. Finally the discipline and leadership skills every one takes away, makes us all better in our daily lives..

There is always plenty of activity in this class class so bring a towel and a drink bottle is recommended.
A lot of fun, getting fit and learning some basic self defence at the same time is what we try to achieve.
Open to all ages from young to not to old!

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Location and Times

Nutaofit Martial Arts Academyis located in Melbourne, Australia:
710 CENTRE ROAD, EAST BENTLEIGH,3165, Melways 77,J1
Classes are held on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of the week starting from 5pm; and Saturdays from 10.30am…
to meet the wants and needs of all students. Find out about our self defence classes
which are also available and run on various nights. Enquire as to when the next one is starting.
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