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Inside Knowledge…For Those Who Want To Know More!
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Take your martial arts to the next levels. TaeKwonJitsu offers the inside knowledge to martial arts and self defence. It improves your co-ordination and confidence with specially designed training and exercise drills. TaekwonJitsu is cutting edge and a premier art in the world today; learn advanced techniques on how to defend and escalate your self protection for any situation. Be prepared to come with an open mind with this principle based approach, that is real, practical and easy to learn.

There is always plenty to learn and hands on activity in this class class so bring a towel and a drink bottle is recommended.
So come along and have some fun and learn a lot at the same time.
Open to any person or martial arts style who wants to take the next step now!

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BH: 03 9579 2709; M: 0418 885 122 or by Email:

Location and Times

Nutaofit Martial Arts Academyis located in Melbourne, Australia:
710 CENTER ROAD, EAST BENTLEIGH, 3165; Melways 77,J1
Classes are held on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of the week starting from 7.30pm…to meet the wants and needs of all advanced students. If you have any special needs, let us know by contacting us now!
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