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Nutaofit Martial Arts Newsletter

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The Year Is Moving Fast


The holiday season is over once again for another year, and we are now back into the normal swing of training classes. Its been great to catch up with everybody over the last month to see what you have all been doing over the holidays.

Many of you have been inspired by Tim and Michael's grading last year and have asked for your own challenges. Thank you for your inspiration and good luck to you all in achieving your goals by the end of the year.

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Demonstration Day Videos & Photo’s - Just in case you missed it!


Partner Spot Light:  Bayside Aquatics – Nic Baker


Once again this months newsletters we are featuring and supporting our loyal partners who have been invaluable in supporting NMAA over many years. In many cases our partners are also members of our club, as is the case with this months spot light of Nic Baker who is the man at Bayside Aquatics.

Nic is not easy to miss in class, he is the person who towers over us all when he is training. Nic is in charge of the Bayside Aquatic center in Mentone at the Grammar School. Nic and his team provide first class support and facilities, with all staff haivng thier Austswim Teacher fo Swimming and Water Safety Award. They have a full range of programs from todlers to adults; for any of your family needs. The aquatic center can provide their expertise to all our members and their families for exceptional results. Don’t forget to mention you’re a club member and Nic will look after you.  

To find out more about the work that Nic and Bayside Aquatic center can do for you, go over to their website called Bayside Aquatics Mentone and have a look through the range of the sample photos there.

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February Birthdays                                                        March Birthdays  


It has been a busy couple of months, we wish everybody a great birth day!

4th – Alan Pentland                                                   2nd- Michael Anderson; Avital Bradue
4th – Jesse Landes                                                    5th- Christopher Bender
5th – Yiota Michaela                                                  8th- Chris Giannakopoulos
7th – Beau Landes                                                     9th- Tal Kedar
8th - Edam Finchmam                                              12th- Connie Kellett,; Heinz Reker
10th – Daniel Vass; Jessica-Rose Layton                   14th- Chris Panagopoulos 
14th - Shaun Pallot; Dean Horsey                              
15th- Yair Koren
15th - Judi Phillips                                                    
16th- Michael Kellett
16th - Michael Howlett                                               21st- Shaesan Foreman-Sim
18th – Rhiannon McGurgan; Jason Pallot
21st - Jason Turner
26th – Carl Bretman; Katherine Norwood
26th – Philippe Kermeen

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NMAA History Overview - Part 1

Find out about NMAA's history with the first part on our style and how it developed. KJN G Hutchinson talks frankly about how NMAA was established and its colourful past...

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February - 
March 2010


In this issue

  • The Year Is Moving Fast
  • Demo Day Videos & Photos
  • Partner Spot Light
  • February & March Birthdays

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In other news

Club Calendar


What a fantastic year the club had with the support of you our members and of course your family.

2010 is going to be another fantastic year and we look forward to seeing all of you at the gradings and demonstration days.

Mid Year Grading Date …
….To Be Announced Soon



More March Birrthdays...
24th- Almos Cohen
26th - Jason Gorbonos
28th – Stefan Somgyi
30th- Alistai Ward
31st – Yael Braude

If we have missed you or your child please let KJN Geoff know and it will be noted for future reference.

Rumbles Message
Of The Month

Rumble Message

Rumble Dragon’s Message for this month. “If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done. ”  Anonymous



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